While most people are peripherally aware of the threat of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), many aren’t as proactive in their protection or as vigilant in their testing as they should be. Many don’t even realize that most STDs have no symptoms, so it can be difficult to even know if you’ve been infected. Anyone who is having sex with more than one partner should be regularly screened for STDs even if they use protection during sex. You should also always ask your partners if they have or have ever had an STD.

We are proud to offer safe and confidential STD testing and treatment here at the Women’s Clinic of Houston. We can treat most STD’s effectively, some with antibiotics (such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis). While there is no cure for genital warts–we can shorten flare-ups through antiviral medication. To learn more about screening for and treating STDs, contact our office today.