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Heavy Periods and Abnormal Bleeding Houston

hpvSome women may suffer of heavy or prolonged menstrual periods, passing large clots of blood and bleeding longer than 7 days. Besides being uncomfortable in social situations it can also be so dangerous that causes anemia and the need for blood transfusions.

Several reasons may cause heavy menstrual flow such as hormonal imbalance, fibroids, polyps, infection, blood disorder, cancer and medications. Early diagnosis is extremely important and is done with pelvic exam, blood tests, cultures, ultrasound and biopsy. Once identified the cause, your treatment is tailored depending on your age and whether or not you desire future pregnancy.

At the Women’s Clinic of Houston we will guide you to fix your bleeding problem and have a normal life and periods.

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“Dr ikeda is a really good doctor! He took good care of me during my pregnancy and delivery!”

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