Urinary Incontinence Houston


  • Do you lose urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh, jump or run?
  • Do you have to rush to the bathroom to empty your bladder?
  • Do you have difficulty making it to the bathroom on time?
  • Do you use pads, panty liners, diapers?

If you have these problems, which is called urinary incontinence, know that we will help you to fix most of your symptoms and improve your lifestyle: in some situations it is embarrassed to have to rush to the bathroom…

Medications, behavioral therapies, biofeedback and small procedures called anti-incontinence procedures definitely can solve your problem. Call us at 713.692.0600 because your well-being is important to us!

Awesome doctor

Awesome doctor…have not seen a doctor sooo patient like him very good doctor fully recommended!!!! N.H.

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